J. Robinson Wheeler's  Résumé

J. Robinson Wheeler

Writer - Artist - Filmmaker

Email: jrw _at_ jrwdigitalmedia.com

Self-employed creative professional; doing business as JRW Digital Media (1994-present).

  • Freelance consultant, operating in the fields of comics, games, and film audio/video.
  • Continuous flow of personal creative projects that I conceive, plan, execute, revise, finish, and deliver on a self-imposed schedule, in a variety of media and styles.

Skills and Experience

Game Design: Interactive Fiction (modern text adventure games)

  • 16 released games, 13 Xyzzy Awards nominations, 5 wins, plus 3rd place in IF Competition 2000. The shareware release of First Things First (2001) was covered by a feature article in the Austin American-Statesman. Published games include:
  • Contributed writing, design and/or programming to the following computer games by others:
    • Little Falls (2007) ( English version, localization/translation) by Alessandro Schillaci, Roberto Grassi and Enrico Simonato, published by Mondi Confinanti
    • Narcolepsy (2003) by Adam Cadre (dream sequence)

  • Professional screenwriter.
  • Script consultant and editor.
  • Script consultant and editor.
  • Studied creative writing at Stanford University and screenwriting at USC School of Cinema-Television.
  • Freelance manuscript editor and proofreader, including the popular science book Cosmic Catastrophes and the upcoming IF Theory.


  • Freelance illustrator, traditional pen and ink as well as digital art.
  • Artist, writer, editor, and publisher for the web comic The Q Man, a serial graphic novel.
  • Artist for the web comic ACX: Academy X, a 300-page graphic novel.
  • Conceptual artist for the game Max Blaster and Doris de Lightning Against the Parrot Creatures of Venus.
  • Art Director for the movie Sixgun.
  • Founding member, Austin Cartooning Circle, 1994-1997


  • 32 years experience making movies, from childhood films to professional credits; Super-8, 16mm, video, DV, and HD.
  • Professional credits as screenwriter, art director, camera operator, sound consultant, sound recordist, sound designer, film editor, visual effects technician, title designer, and foley artist.
  • Highly experienced and fluent in all aspects of cinema production and post-production.
  • Produced and directed The Krone Experiment (2005.
  • Other specialized skills and experience:
    • Video editing (Final Cut Pro), DVD authoring/scripting.
    • Videography/cinematography, video camera operation (single and live multicam), lighting design.
    • Audio engineering and recording, sound design and editing, audio mixing, music recording and mixing, location sound recording and mixing, foley recording, mix re-recording, ADR recording.
    • Visual effects design and animation, effects compositing, model design, greenscreen videography, Flash animation and programming, titles design and rendering.
  • Music videos
    • "Rejoice" (2007) - Artist: Amit Shoham, Tarantic Records. Director/Editor/Animator/Compositor.
    • "Sinner to Sunrise" - (2003) - Artist: After 909. Camera operator.
  • Documentary Film
    • "Leave It on the Track" (2011) - Lead camera, editing consultant, executive producer.
    • "Our Beginning" (2004) - Director/editor.
    • "Marilyn Horne Foundation: Master Classes" - Videographer, sound recordist (2001).
    • "Souzay: A Life in Art" (1999) - Sound recordist, editing consultant (uncredited).
    • "Prisoner/Victim Mediation Sessions", for the Texas Department of Corrections (1996-97) - Camera operator.


  • Xyzzy Award winner for interactive fiction, including Best Game of 2000, Best NPCs, Best Individual PC, Best Puzzles, and Best Use of Medium.
  • "4 Short Films by Rob Wheeler" included in "25 Years in 25 Hours: Highlights of Austin Access Cable" compilation, of the best of PACT programming, 1994-1996.

Published Articles


  • B.A. in Communication (emphasis on Film Aesthetics), Stanford University, 1988-1992.
  • Graduate study in Film Production (emphasis on Film Sound and Editing), University of Southern California, 1992-1994.

Groups and Affiliations

  • IDGA - Writers SIG (associate)
  • Stanford Alumni Association
  • Stanford Alumni in Hollywood
  • Austin Film Society (Filmmaker membership)

Technical Skills and Software

  • 9+ years professional experience with Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Commotion DV, and DVD Studio Pro.
  • Audio engineering and A/V equipment set-up: cameras, editing decks, patch bays, sound mixers, microphones, instruments, monitors, computers, cables, etc.
  • Typesetting and desktop publishing, book and package design.
  • DVD design and authoring.
  • HTML & CSS authoring, Perl CGI programming, website design.
  • Flash animation and ActionScript.
  • C, Inform 6, TADS, Java, Perl, Carbon API programming.
  • Word processing and data entry (94wpm).
  • Windows, Mac OS X, Unix.

Additional Work Experience

  • Web Programming Guru, Hush Communications (HushMail.com), 1999-2000.
  • Website Designer, Venable Industries (venableind.com), 1997-1999.

Other Interests

  • Crossword puzzles, music composition and recording, videogames, learning French.

References Available upon request.


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