J. Robinson Wheeler's  The Tale of the Kissing Bandit

Xyzzy Award Award Winner
Best Player Character 2001

The Tale of the Kissing Bandit

"Funny and charming, it's as much fun as anything I've played in a long while."   --David Seybert

"Quick, witty... Suffice it to say I'm still grinning."   --Kathleen Fischer

About the Game


The grand ballroom is awhirl with colour and gaiety on this, the night of the annual Governor's Ball. All of the choice mademoiselles are spinning in their lace finery, bewitching upright young suitors, lined up five deep to kiss a wrist.

The Kissing Bandit has other plans, though. First, he must be cautious. Find a fetching femme who has parted from her company, to rest alone in a shaded alcove. Or perhaps take a stroll on the veranda. Yes, perhaps... ah, you twirl your moustaches with delight. The Kissing Bandit shall have no trouble tonight finding a pair of pert lips, ready for a stolen kiss...

This game has proved to be something of a cult favorite, something I've only recently become aware of. People who love this game really love it. The game won an Xyzzy Award for best Player Character, the extremely flamboyant Kissing Bandit himself.

---jrw 09-19-03

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