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Before You Play

A selection of my published IF games is linked above. If you're new to playing IF, you should brief yourself with some general instructions (courtesy of Adam Cadre). All of these games are provided as portable Z-code or TADS game files. To play them, you will need a Z-code and a TADS interpreter for your OS.

Downloading the interpreters is recommended for serious play. However, if your browser supports Java, you can play the Z-code games straight off this web page (courtesy of Matt Russotto's ZPlet interpreter for Java and Dan Shiovitz's Jetty interpreter for TADS).

The central archive of IF games, source code, and history is found at http://www.ifarchive.org. Another superb resource is Stephen Granade's brasslantern.org. It has all the information and links you might ever want to browse.

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