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You awake in a coloured room, a coloured coin at your feet, and no clue where to begin. Explore a little, and you will find a menagerie of eccentric characters who are too busy to help you. There is a way out, however, if you have your wits about you, and a love of wordplay.

This was an attempt to write a straight puzzle game, perhaps a little bit in the manner of Cliff Johnson's works. It was the game I started writing to teach myself the Inform language, and I let it sit for a few years until finally releasing it in the 2001 IF Competition. People expecting a story game were disappointed, but a couple of pure puzzle fans (the type of people who do British crosswords and acrostics for fun) told me they thought it was well worth playing, which I was pleased to hear. Sometimes, it's just a matter of matching the game to the right audience, and not trying to please everybody.

---jrw 09-19-03

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