ACX is an online comics series drawn by Rob Wheeler and written and created by Adam Cadre. The first story, Academy X, is based on a simple premise: You know how in the comics there are a bunch of guys whose field of expertise is not "theoretical quantum optics" or "atomic scattering theory" but rather, well, Science? How it doesn't matter whether you're looking for a report on the xenobiology of the twelfth dimension or an orbital laser platform or a palmtop time machine, any one of these guys can help you out? Academy X is the story of a magnet school in Massachusetts whose mission is to provide a steady supply of these gifted people.

ACX #1, November 2002

ACX #2, March 2003

ACX #3, July 2003

Academy X #1 Academy X #2 Academy X #3
"Orientation" "Wildfire" "Mentors"

ACX #4, January 2004

ACX #5, August 2004

ACX #6, July 2005

Academy X #4 Academy X #5 Academy X #6
"Kill Them All" "More Than Meets the Eye" "Consequences"


Bonus! Read my article, Drawing AcademyX, for all the details on what the series took on my end of things. It's like a DVD commentary track, only different!