J. Robinson Wheeler's  ASCII and the Argonauts

Xyzzy Award Award Winner
Best Use of Medium 2003

Ascii and the Argonauts 

"Unusual but stylistically seamless and extremely satisfying."   --Emily Short

"As I finished playing, it occurred to me that ... there was an extremely
solid structure and a very talented programmer behind its creation."   --Francesco Bova

"Best speed-IF ever!"   --Gunther Schmidl

About the Game

You are Jason! When mighty King Pelias sends you on a quest to retrieve the legendary Golden Fleece, can you and your faithful crew of Argonauts sail the treacherous seas and return victorious? Visit the Temple of Zeus, the mysterious Oracle, and Cylcops Isle! But beware the Sirens' song!

Note: For those of you using split-window interpreters (such as MaxZip), this game makes use of a larger status window than normal.

This homage to the Adventureland series of games, which were written in the early 1980s by IF pioneer Scott Adams (no relation to the Dilbert guy) is a trickier puzzle game than its minimalist interface makes it out to be. If you are new to IF, you should be aware that this game is a cheerful throwback to (and parody of) IF's earliest days, and definitely does not represent the state of the art.

I am proud of the intricacy and efficiency of the game design in this piece, especially when the total development time was a blazing fifteen hours, spread over two days.

Thanks to Gunther Schmidl and Jacqueline Lott for suggesting the Speed-IF concept that prompted me to write this. And the unknown writer at TechTV who came up with the title as a fake multiple-choice trivia question answer.

---jrw 02-28-04

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