J. Robinson Wheeler's  Being Andrew Plotkin

Gold Xyzzy Award Double-Award Winner
Best Game of the Year & Best NPCs 2001

Silver Xyzzy Award

Being Andrew Plotkin

"So slickly done that I could do nothing but sigh, have another sip,
and get back to it, because it just kept getting better."   --Trotting Krips

About the Game

You begin to crawl forward, the tunnel floor oozing and pliable under your knees and palms. The secret door bangs shut and disappears. The tunnel begins to shiver, and from up ahead a roar like a waterfall issues from the darkness. Your hands suddenly lose traction as gravity begins its quickening pull. You begin to slide down... down... down...

-- glaring light...

I took a number of chances and risks while writing this game. I was on a mission to win a cash prize in the annual competition (which means I needed to place in the top 3), and I was writing with tremendous self-confidence. I was targeting an audience familiar with IF and with Andrew Plotkin himself, and I was writing material that would quickly become dated.

The risks did pay off: BAP was the 3rd Place Winner in the 6th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition, and a nominee for a total of six Xyzzy Awards, and it ended up winning two, for Best Game of the Year and for Best NPCs.

It also came with a stigma. People expected it to be so full of in-jokes that they would never completely get it, even before playing it to see how they liked it. Although it does have a few in-jokes, I'm not convinced that a random new IF player wouldn't be able to enjoy it. There's a lot of humor to the game that works just because it's good comedy writing, if I do say so myself.

Which is to say, I think you should play it, and see how you like it.

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