J. Robinson Wheeler's  An American Folktale
Act One Act Two Act Three

About This Play

This play came to me very quickly in the weeks immediately following a blissful, spirit-reviving vacation in Aspen, Colorado in the Summer of 1996. It appeared virtually intact as seen here, although not without much concerted effort. I recall losing ten pounds unexpectedly as a result of writing instead of eating for many weeks in a row.

It was a cathartic work, conceived as an outlet for voicing the frustrations I'd experienced at USC film school in 1992-94. All of the characters except Mugsy are based on real people, and certain bits of dialogue are verbatim from ridiculous conversations I had. Of the distressing ending, I can only say that I was making visceral a most severe emotional wounding, one that did not completely heal until this play was written.

Part revenge, part reflection, this satire is one of my favorite works.


Program Notes

Setting: An art college in Los Angeles.

Act I: The first day of class. Three weeks later.

Act II: Another three weeks later.

Act III: Six weeks later.

Dramatis Personae

ANTHONYA student
SARAHA student
NADIAA student
MARIA student
MR. FORGERYAn art professor
DELLA FOGHORNA modeling teacher
LIPPYChairman of the school
MUGSYLippy's right hand man
AMBROSEThe devil

About the Author

John Robinson Wheeler was born in Pasadena, California in 1970. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from Stanford University in 1992. He now resides permanently in Austin, Texas. When not writing, he enjoys playing the piano, drawing, and watching movies. This is his third play.

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