J. Robinson Wheeler's  Charles Learns His Lesson
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About This Play

This play was created as part of a concerted effort on my part to "lighten up" after taking everything way, way too seriously for several years in a row. I realized that, among other things, humor had vanished as an easygoing and natural element in my writing. I certainly hadn't written anything I would call a comedy in quite some time.

The story is of a young pampered lad in a British manor house who, after a lifetime of being waited on hand and foot (mostly by his valet, Phelps), is awakened to his spoiled nature and calls it seriously into question. By the end of the play, of course, he has learned his lesson, and shows some character in the manner in which he changes course.

There are aspects of this play that I don't think work very well. Overall, it's not a complete success. It does have some nice material in it, too, but there's a weirdness to it all (and a randomness) that makes it less than solidly entertaining, in my opinion.

I probably don't have to point out that I discovered P.G. Wodehouse shortly before writing this, but I will anyway.

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