J. Robinson Wheeler's  War Story
Script Excerpt

This was a commissioned screenplay, of sorts. A friend of mine was looking for a script that would have lots of visual effects: he had made a deal with a local (Austin) computer graphics company that was interested in branching into the movie business. A month later, I came back with this script; it's basically my take on Star Wars (hence the soundalike working title). One of the jokes was that this was supposed to be Episode 2, and it starts as if the last movie ended on a cliffhanger, and we're only now seeing the resolution.

The excerpt here happens about twenty minutes in, after the heroes have gotten out of that initial scrape only to land right in the middle of a bigger crisis. It isn't the most Star-Wars-y bit of it, but it's one of my favorite parts.

At one point, I tried to imagine the larger story that this script pretends to be part of; I recall extending it back into the past and far into the future, where the incidental characters in this script had full adventures of their own. Alas, I don't remember much of any of those ideas any more, only that I once had them.

Oh well. Here's an excerpt.

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