J. Robinson Wheeler's  Secret Agent Mom
Script Excerpt

About This Screenplay

This was my first screenplay, written in the Summer of 1991 for a screenwriting workshop at Stanford University. The professor was Richard Boyle (co-writer, with Oliver Stone, of Salvador),a crusty old gent who was as surprised as everyone else when I cranked it out over a weekend, literally locking myself in (as all of these famous stories go) to make sure I finished it.

It was eventually read by an agent at Creative Artists Agency who said, "Iread the whole thing, and I never do that with first drafts from first-time writers." His problem with it was that it seemed predictable. I had to laugh: the whole point was that I wanted to write something "commercial," and everything I'd seen made me think that clichés and predictability were the way to go.

The last thing to mention about this script, which features a single mother of two who lives a double-life as a superspy, is that I wrote it with a certain actress in mind: a young, not-very-well-known blonde actress that I'd seen in Total Recall. After I saw her interviewed by Larry King, I said to myself, "Hey, she's really smart. Definitely someone to watch." Well, within a year, she had become Sharon Stone, mega-star.

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