J. Robinson Wheeler's  Murder My Angel
Script Excerpt

About This Screenplay

This a pissing contest with Edward Dmytryk, the director of what is sometimes called the first film noir: Murder My Sweet, starring Dick Powell. I was in his class at USC and he said our assignment was to take something that had already been done and adapt it: a poem, an existing movie, a book, anything.

I decided to do something with Murder My Sweet.Dmytryk savagely insulted my attempt, but I succeeded in getting a rise out of him. He had to respect my gutsiness. (Someone once told me, "Yes, I couldn't help noticing that your balls are extremely large, and made of solid brass.")

Years later, I was still carrying my ideas around from that class exercise. Eventually I forced myself to write a first draft, which I finished almost a year after I started it. As often happens, the ending was rushed and seemed to have been dropped in from some other story. Yet another year or two after that, I wrote some notes down for a really great ending to the movie. Now all I need is a good movie that leads up to that ending. I'm still working on it.

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