J. Robinson Wheeler's  Isn't It Romantic
Script Excerpt

About This Screenplay

I had a terrible time writing this screenplay, and the fact that it's not very good has something to do with that. One problem was that I was trying to write it for a grade, and that without the grade I wasn't going to graduate from college. The second problem was that I was trying to write a romantic comedy, a notoriously difficult thing to do. The third problem was that I was also trying to imitate Preston Sturges. The fourth problem is that I told all of these problems to a friend, and he made so many suggestions that I ended up writing a completely different script than the one I started with.

I recently found the disk that had all of the permutations, from notes for my original idea through the final script. The original idea was much better. The final one for some reason had to do with a bank caper, and I know nothing about banks and therefore had a hard time writing about characters who supposedly knew everything about banks.

Anyway: crazy young gal wants to rob bank owned by smooth (but emotionally stifled) rich young guy. Well what do you know: they fall for each other! The trouble is, now she wants him to help her rob his own bank. Here's an excerpt.

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