Demons then drove me to madness
I was vulner'ble from sadness
Bereft of goodness and gladness
I swallowed up lies and falsehood
and turned away from sanity.

At length I was so tormented
that my thoughts became demented
In my mind I firm cemented
the ripe delusion that I could
stand alone: it was vanity.

Suddenly, a flash of reason--
"Read the Word of God, and please Him"
It was finally the season
to turn away from lies and hate
and prosper in forgiving love.

I found a quiet hidden wood
where light streamed down, there I stood
and prayed for God to lift the hood:
"Restore me to my better state
and I shall learn to walk in love."

God did so, but still the voices
hounded me with tempting choices
and signal was lost in noise as
I started down the path of God
with no direction from above.

The narrow path is sometimes clear,
sometimes clouded, and often we're
overwhelmed by banal, base fear
Yet we stay fast by grace of God
and His protection from above.

Even now, this night, just as I
was beseeching, with mewl and cry
the ear of He who sits on high
I began to falter in faith
that He would provide all for me.

And so and so and on I plod
supported by an oaken rod
and feet that are soft-sandal shod
I journey on, renew my faith
(a hard thing), and hold hope for Thee.


Part I
Part II