Terror trimmed the time I took
to write the last black-bound book
Ev'ry cranny and each nook
held temptation to my face
and waited for me to break.

So simple to sell a soul
Blacken it to shade of coal
with empty eyes play the role
Of a member of the race
of men whom God may forsake.

Terrible, to think that I
would choose rather that I die
than be forgiven from my
sins and live forevermore
on the narrow path to God.

In the vast eternal place
where evil is given chase
God reveals His hidden face
to His children, and rapport
is made between men and God.

Chronicles of God and man
reveal an audacious plan:
that Man be the best he can--
In each of them there is light
enough to shine forever.

I write to reach out to you
Each life is more old than new
and the trials you pass through
will split wide open the night--
Let the day last forever!


Part I
Part III