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Make IF Fast Mapping the Tale: Scene Description in IF

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I am occasionally called upon to write about the craft of IF creation. And by occasionally, I mean twice. There are also times when I try to write articles of this type on my own without someone asking first, but I don't think I've ever finished any of them. Perhaps one day I will polish them off and include them here as well.

  • Make IF Fast - A discussion of the use of pre-written "mock" transcripts as a guide to plotting and authoring an IF game. Includes links to sample transcripts and Inform 6 code for various real games I've completed using this method.
  • Mapping the Tale: Scene Description in IF - Written for the still-unpublished IF Theory book, this article considers the many ways of approaching writing scene descriptions in IF games, using examples from a variety of IF authors and games. Considers the various narrative and atmospheric effects that can be achieved with good scene descriptions; also discusses weak and workmanlike room descriptions and how they're sometimes necessary to "get the job done."







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