Greater than the stone that sits
at the hot heart of a star
Greater good than man can do
is sown in us, grown in us
by God reigning from afar

I am not here tonight
my heart is far away

The minstrel sings a comely song
for those who lost the way

I am not in fear tonight
The Lord will have His way
He will have His way in the country of leaves
In the city of glass His reflection is seen
His right arm, strongly, sweeps aside our pain
Just as the wind sweeps in speed along the plains

In the sea, His voice will roar
and chuff the churning foam
Calling forth the brazen souls
Who have drifted far from home

By day, by light, His Presence felt in full
Till knee by knee the people are united still
Creeping monsters deep in their caves
Shall once more rise as men, and saved

Toppling towers as toddler's toys
The measure of God is full in the hand
We shall reap, reconquer, and rejoice
The river of God is flooding the land