a whimsy in verse


If I were a sailor, where would I be?
Sailing my ship on the wide open sea!

If I were a fireman, where would I be?
Saving a little boy's cat from a tree!

If I were an astronaut, where would I be?
Far out in orbit, with no gravity!

If I were a soldier, where would I be?
Loading my rifle and keeping it clean!

But none of these callings are for me
And right where I am is where I should be!

A poet, a painter, a writer -- that's three
of the wonderful things I know I might be!

A scholar, a thinker, a composer-to-be,
should all be fulfilled by my destiny!

An actor, a singer -- I'm starting to see
why it feels very crowded just being me!

It's not my pretention, nor plain vanity
proclaiming that all of these things I should be!

But counting on One who knows more than we
I stand by my Maker and His prophesy!

If I were a prophet, wher would I be?
In the Kingdom of Heaven, for eternity!


---jrw 5:59am