I am strangely stirred today
that grateful thoughts from yesterday
come swimming close, though miles away
from the dream that brought me home.

Once imprisoned, now firmly freed
I am no longer a soul of greed
The wealth of friends is mine indeed
and I have no more need to roam.

For here in greenway leafy town
I stay to build my sure reknown
to shake the halls with vibrant sound
such as these men have scarcely known.

And by and by the waters ebb
ere rushing forth to lakeshores' bed
My imagined tides too aroar my head
till settling back with fleckled foam.

And when the wake is smoothly clear
a new sound gapes my inclined ear
a sweet song sung too soft to hear
Miniscule in breath and beat and tone.

For with such muse within me sighing
I dread and swear I must be dying
To hear gilt angels in my heart crying
turns verdant life to pallid bone.

I have such health, as gifts are given
to last enough, my will be driven
to share what might by chance enliven
some shadowed souls whose lives are loan'd.

So strangely stirred, and farther still
to consider fate by graceful will
A life with love, a stately thrill
to inherit thy soon eternal home.


---jrw 8:55pm