Comfort wins the war it wages
against the blind unreason'd rages
that seek to break my will in stages
   till my mind has no more sharp capacity
   I find it be charmèd necessity

No, no more of this unruly passion
of sources sick demonic fashion
drives me on to mad aggression
   I find I need the calm simplicity
   that is comfort, a charmèd necessity

Behold the God of Peace adores
those who seek rest within his doors
white virgin brides, forgiven whores
   and bars all those who by duplicity
   make wanton use of charmèd necessity

I claim my comfort every morn
with eyes downcast and heart forlorn
wearing white of Lamb's wool shorn
   for purpose of instilling serenity
   in my life, not by whimful serendipity

For it be a charmèd necessity.


---jrw 3:59am