One man and one lady
  forced into love
Do comply, in their own ways
  when push comes to shove.

He buys her a ring
  she says, "I love you"
The words aren't forthcoming
  But in actions, speak through.

One day he declares it
  boldy and true
"I love you, my lady"
  As he takes off his shoe.

One man and one lady
  soon husband and wife
Say it over and over
  for the rest of her life.

She passes from sickness
  and grief strikes him down
Weeping tears until morning
  at the hem of her gown.

One man now alonely
  at the dirt of her grave
Hopes and trusts that in love
  her spirit was saved.

He lives on till winter
  when spring starts anew
And another fine lady
  sees his actions speak through.

Again comes a courtship
  a new wedding in June
In his heart he is guilty
  for it happened so soon.

The words go unspoken
  by weeks and by days
And she's not the least bit
  surprised or amazed.

"I know that you love me
  and you'll say so one day
But please do not force it --
  let your love guide the way."

As it happened, he did so,
  one cold night in November
"I love you, fair new wife,"
  though my lady I remember."