A tale is told
betwixt two times
when men had found
forgotten rhymes

And runes and spells
were ghastly sung
on Satan's noose
brave men were hung

The plague began
in London town
and turned the
running river brown

Black with blood
were lips surcease
and bodies lain
to rest in peace

Found spirits roaming
round the mire
till crossèd splinters
broke with fire

A thousand mortal
sins commit
by thieving demons
from the Pit

And hellish hosts
refused their rest
and answered all
wicca's requests

To hex and haunt
and burn the living
a brutal storm
o'pain unforgiving

The battle ended
with trumpet's sound
then trembling great
beneath the ground

As hounds of Heav'n
drove back the dead
to safety were the
innocent led

And ne'er again
did Hell's hosts rise
to take the mortals
by surprise

Was providence won
at such a cost
eleven goodly souls
were lost

Could we reclaim
but one of these
the Devil'd be brought
unto his knees

And vanquished once,
begone for good
our Kingdom come
as promised 'twould.


---jrw 12:49am