a hotel owner
with a motive for murder
drives his guests crazy

a harried husband
suspects his strange new neighbor
is really a thief

a divorced mother
who is secretly a spy
must save her children

(a) young millionaire
is forced to rob his own bank
by the gal he loves

a nerdy student
becomes a superhero
but he's still a nerd

an unseen menace
reawakens the Cold War
and threatens the Earth

a blind detective
conceals the truth from police
about a murder

a space fleet colonel
flees from the mind-controlling
forces of evil

the Fantastic Four
on the verge of breaking up
must face Galactus

a slacker student
must deliver a package
before he is killed

a young French artist
falls in love with a model
and paints her portrait

a clever young man
besought by various ills
resists temptation

a rich British chap
confronts ghosts, but his butler
tells him the warm truth


---jrw 10:07pm