When I look beyond myself
as all too rarely happens
(I'm like most men)

I find a will to participate
in the story that I couldn't
begin to write myself

Has this ever happened to you?

Fiction reinterprets the real
matching emotion with
observation -- so that
what was subtle becomes vivid

What we do is become
insensitive over time, but
we retain the capacity to
see in fictional tales the
truths that universally apply
to the most extraordinary life

Extraordinary, every one.

It's the
process of
and trans-
lation that
puts the flesh
on the
bones of
fiction writing,
but the blood comes
from the passionate
activity of physically
producing -- or
do I have it backwards?

No one has
ever -- wait,
make that
Everyone has
always -- oh,
skip it.  I don't
remember what I
was going to say.