It was a cold and wintry eve
the night that we first met
and though I remember nothing else
her smile I can't forget

She smelled of wine and roses
I can still see her standing there
she wore a violet ribbon
There was sunlight in her hair

She looked at me as if we'd met
in some forgotten year
and said "I knew if I waited long enough
that I would find you here."

"Have we met?" I asked and smiled
"I never forget a face."
Well she just stood and returned my stare
and put me in my place.

I don't remember much
what happened after that
she grabbed my arm and held it tight
her claws dug like a cat

We drove straightback to my house
and sipped on fine champagne
and spent a gentle evening
mixing pleasure with our pain

As the night wore on I grew blind
as my hunger for her grew
I saw right through her silky dress
and she smiled as if she knew

She took my hand without a word
and led me to my room
I wasn't sure if I was facing
my salvation or my doom

She slipped into my bathrobe
her clothes were on the floor
before I could resist her
she locked the bedroom door

"Take me now" she said, so softly
"I'm yours for just one night"
I took her in my arms and loved her--
there wasn't time to be polite

We made each moment last forever
I felt the heavens move
and though she was so real to me
her existence I can't prove

For I woke alone next afternoon
she was gone without a trace
the only thing she left behind
was that smile on my face

At times like this I think of her
and the night that she was there
she took from me what she wanted
and what that was I don't care

Now when I close my eyes at night
I feel her heartbeat still
and wonder if she thinks of me
but I know she always will.


---jrw 2:06am