My knees tremble under me for support
Why does the sight of her make me like this?
I think of witty things to say in sport
But I don't want these games; I want a kiss
I am undone, like the back of her dress
I imagine it slipping to the floor
I compose the music of a caress
It sounds like something I have heard before
I may never get beyond this meeting
And progress to romance, to that embrace
For my resolve is too shallow and fleeting
I am content to remember her face
   It sits with many others I met here
   Memories of ladies I will hold dear.


---jrw 5:16pm


These women prove an inspiration, each and of a kind
But none are fondly special, as to make me change my mind
The truth is this -- I seek a wife, to have and hold and love
One day I shall find her, when it is granted from above.