My hands are frail, and tremble
My strength has failed
Whatsoever my mind hears
Are sounds no man may utter
Whosoever sees these words
It is not for them I write
The earth itself is enfeebled
Lacking strength, it shudders at the core
There is a foundation that remains
It is the Lord, who is above all.

My legs are no longer swift
They cannot carry my weight
What lies at the end of time
Is the beginning of something new
My heart can no longer bear
The torments of evil and ruin
Disease spreads to all people
And all tongues run bitter malt
The scepter is raised on high
And waits for the time to strike
Before one more child falls
A bitter war is waged in heaven.

Twenty four hours make one day
And each is alike to the last
The sun shines, rises and falls
Tempests blow and drown the dying
Brave heart, elect forechosen
Strike on till the dawn rises
They have conviction, they shall survive
To protect the last of the witnesses

All eyes turn to heaven
and the earth gapes open below
In spreading wide the arms of grace
That truth prevails, and shall never end
This is what I've come to say.


---jrw 1:29am