Guide to Using the VCR and Recording Tapes

This is the quick guide. More explanations are below. Getting the VCR Ready

  1. Turn on the TV and the VCR.
  2. Set the TV to "VIDEO 1" so that what you see is what you get.
  3. Put a tape in the VCR. If one does not easily go in, there may already be a tape inside. If so, hit "EJECT" on the VCR itself. (There is no Eject button on the remote.)
  4. Turn the VCR to the correct station. Use the "CHANNEL" buttons (up and down) on either the VCR or the remote.
  5. Cue up the tape. If the tape is a fresh one, you do not need to do this.
    • Press "PLAY" on either the VCR or the remote.
    • Use the << rewind search and the >> forward search to find where you want to start recording.
    • Always go farther ahead than the exact spot.*
    • Hit "STOP" on either the VCR or the remote.
The VCR is now ready to record.

Recording Manually

  1. If you just want to start recording manually, hit "REC" on either the VCR (the red button) or the two "REC" buttons on the remote.
  2. You do not need to hit any other buttons.
  3. The VCR should spring into action, and a light should come on the display that says "[REC]" Also, the clock display should change from the time of day to the recording time.
  4. If the "REC" light is on, and the numbers on the display are counting up, the VCR is definitely recording.
  5. When the recording is done, hit "STOP".**

Recording Using the Timer

  1. Hit the "Menu" button on the remote.
  2. Use the menu to set the time and channel for the recording.
    • Set the start time for at least one minute ahead of the beginning of the show you want to tape, as a buffer. Be careful that if you want to record at 9 PM, you set the start time for 8:59 PM and not 9:59 PM or 8:59 AM. Always double-check.
    • Set the ending time for at least a half hour and maybe extravagantly longer, such as an hour, after the show ends. This will handle most programming delays, and you can tape over the excess later.
    • Make sure there is enough blank tape after the show to keep taping for the extra time. If not, the VCR will stop and possibly rewind (see above).***
  3. Exit the menu.
  4. Hit the special "Timer set" button on the remote. It is the one that is depressed slightly.
  5. The VCR should seem to shut down, but there will be a light on the display indicating that it is in Timer Recording mode, waiting to start recording at the proper time.****


Always go farther ahead than the exact spot. One, you can make sure there isn't something later on the tape that you forgot about but want to save. Two, the VCR rewinds at least a minute of tape and sometimes more when you hit "STOP" This is to give it time to be spooling the tape at the right speed by the time it starts recording. So, you need to be more than a minute ahead of where you want to start, if possible.
If the VCR reaches the end of the tape while still recording, it will automatically stop recording. It may also rewind the tape to the beginning and then power off. If the VCR starts rewinding, you are able to hit "STOP" and assume control of it. You do not have to wait for it to rewind the tape all the way to the beginning.(See *** below.) You are also allowed to wait for it if you don't want to mess with it.
If the VCR is in Timer Recording mode when it reaches the end of the tape, it retains control until it powers off completely.
When the VCR goes into wait mode, the image on the TV screen will go to black. When the VCR wakes up and begins recording, it will send its video signal to "VIDEO 1" on the TV again. You are free to switch the TV display to regular channel viewing once the VCR is set and ready.