June 2001

Ah, summer fun in a big yellow house. Swimming, eating, reading, playing frisbee, napping, more eating, more napping, and so forth. Also, a giant inflatable whale, and the occasional visit to the nearby beach.

That about sums it up. However, here is some photographic evidence to back up these claims. (Documentation of dfan's advanced napping technique is available in the b&w pictures.)

  1. Click  The house! Also, inky.
  2. Click  Another view of the house.
  3. Click  Ellison in the lap of luxury.
  4. Click  The view from the top floor balcony.
  5. Click  Ivan and Emily. Also, a small child (no relation).
  6. Click  Liza recreating a scene from Barton Fink.
  7. Click  katre seems quite intent on expressing something, but we're not sure what.
  8. Click  Duchess preparing to brave the shark-infested waters. lno seems to think this is funny.
  9. Click  ddyte flings a frisbee at the nearest Scotsman.
  10. Click  Orca 2: This time it's inflatable.

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