The diagram shows cubes in rows of six, their top faces numbered 1-36, their side faces opened like flaps of a box, and their bottom faces obscured. Each cube has a letter on each face; these six letters can be arranged to form a Cube Word. Overlapping side faces share a letter. Squares at the sides of the diagram are already filled appropriately. The letters in the 36 numbered faces will spell out a quotation that asks a question. Letters on the 36 unseen bottom faces, taken in order, spell out the quotation's source (and the answer to the question?). A few letters have been provided to get you started. Answers include two proper nouns. The inspiration and the instructions for this puzzle are taken from Emily Cox & Henry Ravthon's puzzler in the Atlantic Monthly, who in turn credit The Listener for the idea.


Cube Words

  1. Strong start to begin with, unprocessed New York.
  2. The mobster's gun made the front fall off the playhouse!
  3. Piper plays do re mi, Zarf addled.
  4. Sounding like intended, or someone with an apprentice.
  5. "After Earth's prefix, we got our direction mixed up," says Star Trek crewman.
  6. Gary is enthusiastic about cemetary plots.
  7. Holy man wonders why, but it's just his state of mind.
  8. I had to do time with Sen. Kennedy's polka, and I finished.
  9. Don't remember Sumter, for example?
  10. I suffered a small spasm after our hero lost his head -- it was arousing.
  11. Married again, Chuck was first and manned the boat.
  12. Where sopranos perform for ages, half the coop is flown.
  13. Casey's at it, let it be war!
  14. Band aid knows the street, that is.
  15. Part of ABC was taken up by Haley's miniseries, thanks to its mechanical army.
  16. Kimberly, before meeting Lennon's widow, favored Japanese attire.
puzzle grid
  1. Like Mr. Ed, it's mostly equal to a topless pine.
  2. Tennessee is a good place for aces.
  3. She claimed she ate, swallowing her messy bib, but she lied.
  4. In the middle of day, hick isn't petite.
  5. Shade of black set for the well-traveled elite.
  6. Start again on your vita, I say.
  7. It sounds like the Monkees' Peter needs a new twist.
  8. Masked robber took a stand, missing the street, inside a zero or one.
  9. It duplicates the company wharf.
  10. Pirate saying "bug" is complete and utter folly.
  1. Pixie likes the alternative to 7-Up.
  2. I put a roast in the cooker; I really tried!
  3. Screwy bee with energy had to be made over from scratch.
  4. "A little deer, Ed," she said obsequiously.
  5. Percy's not heavy, that's the trouble.
  6. Sounds like tirades, after a time, induce hypnotic state.
  7. Backwards medical drama put everything first, this is what we heard about it.
  8. Susie clearly hides French timespan.
  9. Playful CEO has toy of roadrunner foe.
  10. It's almost like nary a place for surgery, first of all, has people this stubborn and cranky.