PUZZLER by David Dyte

The diagram shows cubes in rows of six, their top faces numbered 1-36, their side faces opened like flaps of a box, and their bottom faces obscured. Each cube has a letter on each face; these six letters can be arranged to form a Cube Word. Overlapping side faces share a letter. The letters in the 36 numbered faces will spell out a statement. Letters on the 36 unseen bottom faces, taken in order, spell out a response to that statement. Squares at the sides of the diagram are already filled appropriately and provide a clue to the puzzle's subject. A few letters have been provided to get you started. Answers include two proper nouns. The inspiration and the instructions for this puzzle are taken from Emily Cox & Henry Ravthon's puzzler in the Atlantic Monthly, who in turn credit The Listener for the idea.


Cube Words

  1. Several bottles of Champagne.
  2. Ride south to the peaks.
  3. Get something back regarding your investment.
  4. Outfielder catches just like a kid.
  5. Arthur the Seventh is confused by useless facts.
  6. A key you can keep things in.
  7. We hear the farm houses JR's nemesis.
  8. Ty mixes porridge to stay warm.
  9. It's cold, but to finish first you must make an effort.
  10. Performs poorly every Sunday, perhaps.
  11. Dear, there's something lacking.
  12. Rose and fell and spun around.
puzzle grid
  1. A tribe that knows how to catch fish.
  2. Crossing the marshy bridge.
  3. Don't side with me, it will be your doom.
  4. A mad one won't go down.
  5. Aussie life saver needs a drink.
  6. The hardest QB to tackle- why?
  7. Trigonometry functions on company time.
  8. Old style sorcery ends half ok.
  9. It's within all people- even Meg has one.
  10. I love the French, but this is harassment.
  11. Compare feet for a change.
  12. Logic dictates what you are, son.
  1. The Oilers repair their turf.
  2. Unpleasant philosophy of NASCAR fans.
  3. Fabrics from the sloth, see?
  4. Starting a war here in London, England takes time.
  5. He wasn't beheaded for his afro hairstyle.
  6. Finished last, like an egg.
  7. Provider of aid- one bushel per farm.
  8. No tea with tartare? Is this menu mistaken?
  9. In the tall tower, take a 3/4 rest after a 3/4 turn.
  10. Stare with menace at the shining object.
  11. Angels might be so endowed.
  12. Ted set out to be examined.