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Academy X Gloop Orville in the Afterlife

I began drawing this comic strip in one of my sketchbooks in late 1996, and then spent a great deal of time and effort drawing publication-ready art panels, intending it to be a weekly series. Things went well until I came to a character I could not for the life of me draw, and I haven't worked on it since.

The story is of a little fellow named Orville, who unfortunately dies in the very first installment. The rest of the story concerns, as the title suggests, what and who he meets in the afterlife.

Presented here are the first five strips; they form the prologue to the story and constitute the "pitch" I was going to make for the series if I went looking for someone to publish it. In case anyone is interested in such details: I have thumbnail sketches of the story through part 15 (out of a goal of 52), and finished artwork through part 8. If I could just draw the character in part 9, panel 2 I would be glad to pick it up again...







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